Our studio is configured in multi-sites in heart of Paris. This allows us to decicate the sites to certain projects that require extreme confidentiality.

Our IT node is located in a datacenter that complies with the most advanced security rules in terms of electricity, cooling, fire protection and dust protection. A dedicated area is secured byu biometric badges. This solution also gives us great flexibility to upgrade infrastructure. All our data is stored on several RAID servers. Sensitive data is backed up incrementally and remotely, allowing us to retrieve data at D-1.

Our network has a large bandwidth of 40 Gbits allowing the exchange of important data without slowing down even during peak computing periods. Our sites are connected in 40 Gbits by a dedicated fiber.

Our renderfarm has a power of 6380 threads.
It is made up of the latest generation AMD Epyc, Thread Ripper processors with 512 Gb or 256 Gb of ram. Our workstations are equipped with Nvidia 2080 RTX super graphic card and Ryzen 3950x processor with 128 Gb of Ram. The whole allowed us to produce 280 min of full CG during the year 2020, which is the equivalent of 3,5 3d animated feature films. If we need more, we are in a position to increase our render capacity power to an online renderfarm.


has been investing for years in the creation of proprietary tools to allow artists to focus on their artistic tasks. All of our tools are created by a team of developpers in contact with artists to meet the real production needs.

Our main software Kurtis ( is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of animated feature films, animation series, and VFX. Its flexibility allows us to adapt the workflow according to project needs. All the technical parts of production are automated : creation of work scenes, creation and export of assets, sanity check, review build, calculation, publish, etc.

We also developped Fridge, our in-house asset manager that allows us to track versionning, manage dependencies, and monitor data within the different work departments. Any asset can be easily regenerated at any time. We are able to exchange any data from any department with other studios.

All this research and development is now a major advantage to guarantee our customers a particularly robust pipeline and a flexible workflow.